The HoldFast 'Hard Clip'

The adjustable 'Hard Clip' has been designed specifically to hold the rail down into position so that rail lift will not occur.

The hard clip must not be used when a resilient pad is introduced under rail or where the track running machine is constantly travelling at high speed, irrespective of wheel loads.

The HoldFast 'Soft Clip'

The adjustable soft clip has been designed specifically to allow the rail to lift a pre-determined amount to cater for rail wave.

Allowing the rail to lift in this way reduces stresses and strains in the rail and clips, and fatigue stresses in the holding down bolt/studs.

The Soft Clip is the ideal product when rails are welded in a thermic process, making long runs, or when rail is supported by a resilient pad.

Adjustable Rail Clip Benefits
  • A wide degree of lateral adjustments allows precise alignment of rails
  • Alleviates problems caused by misalignment of studs
  • Design permits high bolt torques and prevents side slip
  • High quality casting in SG iron
  • Suitable for overhead gantry and ground track installations