Worldwide Applications for Holdfast Adjustable Rail Clips
HoldFast Adjustable Rail Clips can be used for the following applications:
  • Circular tanks
  • Dockside cranes
  • Overhead gantries
  • Ground tracks
  • Sewage beds
  • Rocket launchers
  • Cranes
  • Automated warehouses
  • Container depots
  • Steelworks
  • Power stations
  • Nuclear processing
  • Water treatment plants
  • Construction and industrial applications
A Proven 'Track' Record combined with Modern Technology
To offer as near as possible a stress-free rail track system, Holdfast combine long term expertise with leading technical and environmental solutions.
Expertise and Practical Knowledge
The HoldFast philosophy is to work closely with civil engineering consultants and civil contractors to achieve the most cost effective solution to a rail track problem.
To bring successful results and a comprehensive service to clients means not just understanding theoretical solutions (such as crane track problems) but also by balancing practical knowledge gained in the field. Examples such as the cause and effect of deflection, sheer forces, rail wear, deterioration of grouts and resilient pads.
Virgin state of the art Northampton rail maintenance depot, with HoldFast platforms outside...
...and thousands of HoldFast rail clips inside!
Design and Installation
HoldFast advise, with the customers requirements in mind, on the best design and installation procedures such as long life and minimum demands on maintenance. The HoldFast track technology is determined by progressive thinking based on the latest technical advances.
Understanding the Uniqueness of Every Project
Whilst being experts in clips and rails, HoldFast also apply the principle that it is imperative to understand the machines which run on them and therefore the different types of forces imposed on rail tracks.

For example, often a rail problem most frequently manifests itself with crane operation and the blame is put onto the manufacturers for excessive wheel wear, gearbox failure and overheated motors.

More pertinently, the issue here is that no two contracts are the same. Therefore the choice of rail track system for a specific job depends on many factors; for example ground conditions, type of machinery, seismic, corrosive and abrasive conditions.
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These photographs show a 1700 metre long rocket launcher for the Ministry of Defence. HoldFast had to design this twin track so as to give lateral alignment adjustment of 22mm, but in seamless movements to any part of a millimetre - this was readily achieved. In addition, double base plates for vertical stepless adjustment were required, taking into consideration earth curvature, again to an infinite amount. This lateral and vertical adjustment is necessary at any time due to land settlement, shift, and of course rocket thrust.