Renowned Worldwide

Since 1987 HoldFast have been manufacturing their range of adjustable rail clips in the UK. These products are now sold in 16 country's worldwide. The Range encompasses the 'Soft' and 'Hard' Clip.

Winning Features

HoldFast clips are manufactured from ductile iron. Whilst the structure of ductile iron is similar to that of carbon steel, containing randomly dispersed spherical particles of graphite, it has the advantage of better castability than steel, giving a smooth clean profile and more strength for less expense.

Galvanising and cadmium plating are available if required, in addition to other coatings to suit customer requirements.

The Highest Standard

HoldFast clips are produced by the well established 'Shell Moulded Process' which enables all castings to be very accurately produced and consistent to the drawings, to comply with B.S.E.N. GJS 1563 and DIN 1693.

The clips are designed so that they can be tailor made for any rail section.

The clips accommodate rail expansion and contraction due to climate conditions, even though the rail is held in positive lateral alignment.

Clips are fitted in pairs, opposite each other, with calculations determining both diameter and longitudinal centres of fixing bolts.